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Strategic arketing

Together with you, I will study a marketing strategy that allows you to define concrete goals for your business and help you to achieve them through careful planning of activities.

Operative marketing

I help companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs implement the best operational marketing tools to concretely realize their planned marketing strategies in the most effective way.

Agrifood marketing

Specialised in marketing consulting dedicated to companies and entrepreneurs involved in the production of goods and services in the agri-food and agro-industrial sectors.

Social Media Marketing

I take care of your online presence by planning and managing communication activities on the web and social networks, coordinating them with traditional marketing activities.

Digital strategy

Developing a digital strategy today is an indispensable activity for surviving in the market, and I’m here to help you plan and realize the best digital strategy for your business.

Corporate storytelling

Narrative storytelling techniques can help you communicate your business history and values in a more effectively way by getting more involvement from your target market.

Keep in touch

For any information, collaboration request, quotes or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me, I will reply as soon as possible.


+39 346 9426789